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-Made a Video.

-The Game: 01:47 (The 2nd Game)

"short & spoopy, i like it."

Love this type of game so much.

Pretty good game. I liked it. Good work.

Great Game For a Short Video!

Just a did a video on this recently and I must say, this game is pretty good! A good refresher on the whole P.T vibe because I do like never-ending corridors but when it's the same is P.T (like the SAME CORRIDOR), it can get boring.... so this is a nice refresher.

Starts at 6:17.

This game just goes to show that a lot can be done with very little. The game is especially effective toward the end. I thought I’d played too many of these games to be affected by them, but I was obviously wrong. Well done! 

I stumbled across this game randomly and played it in a 3 random horror games. I really enjoyed the game!

It has a great atmosphere, and some lovely creepy moments. I also love the PS1 aesthetic.

Keep up the awesome work!

Here's my playthrough for anyone interested:


I like it 


Interesting game.

SKIP TO 6:10

SKIP TO 15:52!!!

It plays nice and I like PS-style games. If ever you decide to expand on it, maybe include some more backstory :)


Very sick love the graphic effects

A nice little game, I love the PS1 style ones! 

tho there wasn't much of a story the environment/atmosphere made it interesting and fun to play. and i think maybe theres an upside to not having a story to follow, it made the game less predictable so going into the game i didnt know what to expect which made the game more eventful and fun. overall i had a blast playing the game. keep up the good work :D i made a playthrough it starts at 6:38 :D :D

Really liked it, cool stuff

Nice game, I was waiting for a jumpscare and was making my heart strong for it, but no jumpscare came except for the lights,etc. Anyways, reversing the path at the end along with the door was cool too, loved the game!!

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?


Hi, I love your art style and want to replicate this style for a game I am making.. Would you mind giving me some help and pointers on how you created this environment?


Hey - basically: low poly models, low resolution textures (128x128) and a PSX shader. As for the levels, we created each wall and floor piece as separate modular pieces so we could piece them together in Unity.

Good luck with your game

Thank you so much! Love the game, too! I saw it in Markiplier's youtube video and instantly loved it.. the atmosphere and world-building, the subtle changes and strange music are perfect.  = )

To the creators: I’m making a track with the audio of this game, if that’s ok... you guys will be credited :)

It’s like 70% done 


Hey, dev here - absolutely, feel free to use the audio



i created update for this game

when you open last door on the left it's will be scp-087 face

Game could have been better if there were changes in paintings.

The atmosphere throughout the game was spooky and built up well. I enjoyed playing through it, but wish it was a bit longer.

Pretty awesome! Definitely got some backrooms viebs from this, but it was pretty creepy and it looked great!

I DIDN'T GO THE WRONG WAY!!! IM SORRY!! | The Last Door On The Left

Man, this game is beautiful the art design was pretty and I can't believe I didn't see the ending coming. The poor poor guy was stuck in a loop for his whole life..

So, the game is finished now?

Fun little game, enjoyed the atmosphere

How was you able to have the game full screen?

This was done when editing the video, sorry i can't be much help

all well, my video IS already out I kinda figured somthing out. it's not much full screen it's more of a  zoom. thanks though bro,  nice video.

This game was pretty good. I only have one more thing to say. FISH!
Anyway if your interested check my video if you can.

very cool much wow!

check out my gameplay + commentary here:

yooooo this game was mad creepy check out the react!!

I enjoyed playing this little game! Feel free to check out my video of it!

the last door on the left is apart of games of terror 3! good game guys! 

Loved this game, really scary and kept me tense throughout the whole video. Was trying to figure out if there was something more going on behind the scenes. Pretty sure there is, but nevertheless. Awesome game Devs!

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The game had an eerie atmosphere and a neat twist!

The Fish-Man Knows... | THE LAST DOOR ON THE LEFT

Thank you so much for the game! I uploaded my play-through in Japanese! とても怖かったです!ありがとうございました。It was so scary that I played with no headphones...

I feel like this game represent the struggle of human life. You try to open every each door but it would not open and when it does open, same thing over and over again.

Very short PT like game. There were some great points of tension around the open door and the lights going out. Looking forward to seeing what's next :)

It is very well made and interesting, but maybe if there was some sort of figure, it would be even better. But either way I enjoyed it.

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