A downloadable game for Windows

You feel like you've been here before...

Created by: PsychoWrenPendragon66

Created for Week 149 of the Weekly Game Jam.

Theme: Last One Left


The Last Door on the Left 23 MB


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This game was too good! had me on my toes the entire time! if you guys need a laugh or smile please check out my videos.

Hmmmm Very spooky

It was short and sweet love those kinds of games.

All I had to do was go to the last door on the left? Seems simple...


Nice experience.


Really creepy, very effective!

Nice Game

Fun game with a creepy atmosphere, hope to see more like it!


Ho realizzato un video del gioco perché l'atmosfera è la giocabilità erano fantastici. Complimenti, se vuoi lasciare un commento al video piacere,grazie ancora per il gioco.

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why did u make the ending a cliff hanger... i want tk what the monster of this monstrosity is.



This game was really unsettling and scared the crap outta me! I'd love to see more from you!

The Last Door on the Left is the Third (3rd) game in my 3 Scary Games video:

Check it out!

this video has all itch io games i made video on in 2020 including this one. I also wanna say thanks for the game and good luck for future projects. #hellofajourney 

my discord:



Very good game and horror experience, loved the atmosphere.


The anticipation was real 

This was insane, all the way I thought something could just jump into my face... very good game. My gameplay is in portuguese (PT-BR) 

 I Am Not Scared.It's Just a Reflection Of Fear😅😅

Needs more gangster rap. Check out the video!

Show post...


This definitely has some PT vibes going on. Loved the retro feel!

this game almost made me poop my pants! 

Hey pendragon66 I made this playthrough video about this glorious game you have created. Me and my Koi fish friend go on an epic adventure until he is gone... then I'm sad...

Check it out down below right here.

Conclusion: The game was fun and it had a spooky vibe all the way through, I just wish that it was a bit longer tho.

The moment where the person, probably a neighbor or a demon knocked on the door really got me, that was a good touch. 

Forced overtime

This one does the "mini PT' thing pretty well. Good job guys, I had fun playing your game!

This was fun it had a nice slow pacing that matched the feel of the game. Plus I really liked that cat picture. good short game highly recommend. 

Start at 11:59 

For this game is a 6/10 the build up is good , the feeling of the game is creepy , but the game falls short for me in the aspect of actually being scary 

this is me playing the very spooky game!!

-Made a Video.

-The Game: 01:47 (The 2nd Game)

"short & spoopy, i like it."

Love this type of game so much.

Pretty good game. I liked it. Good work.

Great Game For a Short Video!

Just a did a video on this recently and I must say, this game is pretty good! A good refresher on the whole P.T vibe because I do like never-ending corridors but when it's the same is P.T (like the SAME CORRIDOR), it can get boring.... so this is a nice refresher.

Starts at 6:17.

This game just goes to show that a lot can be done with very little. The game is especially effective toward the end. I thought I’d played too many of these games to be affected by them, but I was obviously wrong. Well done! 

I stumbled across this game randomly and played it in a 3 random horror games. I really enjoyed the game!

It has a great atmosphere, and some lovely creepy moments. I also love the PS1 aesthetic.

Keep up the awesome work!

Here's my playthrough for anyone interested:


I like it 


Interesting game.

SKIP TO 6:10

SKIP TO 15:52!!!

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