A downloadable game for Windows

You feel like you've been here before...

Created by: PsychoWrenPendragon66

Created for Week 149 of the Weekly Game Jam.

Theme: Last One Left


The Last Door on the Left 23 MB


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Not terrifying enough but in terms of atmosphere and design, cool!

wish it was longer but still a good game 

esc = quit game

Just uploaded this onto my channel. I liked it a lot. I wish it was longer but it still got creepy for how short it is. Enjoyed it A lot! Thanks creator! Here is my video if you want to watch

Comments below clip;

Amazing how much you guys managed to squeeze out of such a small [file] footprint. The sequenced loops kept coming in a refreshing tempo, so it was always interesting to move forward. Utterly enjoyed playing this game. Thanks for making it and kudos to all involved.

Great little horror game. Loved the crisp retro graphics and the pacing. Enjoyed this experience a lot, thanks :)

Spooky; i like

Music was a bop

Mindboggling ending that left me craving more 

*dancing intensifies*


This was really nice! A very heavily PT inspired game, it also had a really nice sense of terror creeping from the corners, another nice thing is jump-scares! although on that note one regular scare would have been good since the dark hallway is not quite that scary, especially with the wait time after it triggers. There's an awkward silence there, that I think could have been dealt with either an ambient noise getting louder other than the monster or just remove the wait entirely and make it feel like a chase. Either way amazing game!

Quite enjoyed this game! Thought for sure I was gonna be grabbed a few times. Bravo! Great Game Pendragon66!


Nice and creepy! Didn't need to rely on jumpscares to be effective. One thing I wish was that there was more of the voice throughout it, but still! Nicely done, and thanks for sharing it with us.


Since I deleted the original video on this game I decided to pay it a revisit. Tbh it is still pretty good and doesn't need much scares to be creepy.

Cool!! I like the atmosphere of being alone in this game.

Cool little horror game where things change every loop and get creepier as time goes on. An enjoyable experience. Thank you for making this! 1st game.

One of my favourite games on this site by far, easily one of the best indie titles as well. No cheap ticks, just uncomfortable, intrusive atmosphere that makes you sweat!


It was a really nice game! We loved the atmosphere, it was really creepy! Good job! 

Just did a video on it! amazing game!

This was a cool concept, we checked it out for an Itch.io horror pack recently. The progression each time you pass through a door was done really well! It definitely put us on our toes a few times. Glad we checked it out, our playthrough of it starts around 22 minutes in :)

Like this game very mush go thing i made i video on it

Hey, I'm looking for a new horror game to play, but I don't do well with jumpscares- does this have any?


it has none. play it, it's really short though


hey guys join my jam in 19 hours i really want you to join

Had to make an account to leave a comment. Love the ps1 aesthetic. Love the possible PT inspiration. Love the sound on the florescent lights.

Very scary experience!

Super jeu, j'ai vraiment beaucoup aimer! l'ambiance est reussi bravo!

Game was short expecting some jumpscare but the atmosphere is crazy creepy!

This game put me on EDGE!! What a thrill ill tell ya!

that feeling I had when I opened the door at the first corridor was insane

Very cool short game. Awesome horror hallway thriller and loops. Good game!

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Ola eu postei um Vídeo Jogo em Português espero que gostem e fiquem com a Última Porta 


i dont understand anything about this game and i love it

short, intense, ps1 style, oh yeah it's all coming together.

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Cool short game, simple but scary... Thanks for sharing it !

Fun game I loved it!

does it have jumpscares?


This had me tense, because I had no idea what was going to happen, and that made it absolutely fantastic! So well done with the visuals and the sound! Just a great game! 

This game was too good! had me on my toes the entire time! if you guys need a laugh or smile please check out my videos.

tem legenda em português? os videos

olá eu postei um vídeo em Portuguê do jogo se quiser assistir esse e o link 

Hmmmm Very spooky

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